Getting a plumber to correct the “work” your husband did over the weekend could cost you twice as much!

Getting a licensed plumber to do minor repairs on the weekend for you is as easy as trying to catch a skipping kangaroo in an open paddock.

But, what if the weekend is your only “free time” for a plumber?

That’s why we created Weekend Plumber–Weekday Rates!

Now, with, you can book a professional plumber on Saturday or Sunday, when you’re home, at affordable weekday rates.

While most plumbers hate weekend work there are those who LOVE it

The reality is that most licensed plumbers don’t like working on the weekend.

And if you’re lucky to find someone then you’ll be paying through your nose.

Ouch, that will hurt your family budget!

What’s the solution? Weekend Plumber–Weekday Rates.

After 37 years in the plumbing service industry, we realised how tough it can be for working mums and dads to get small plumbing repairs done.

Many of our clients lead busy lives working long hours in their professional careers; they leave home earlier and return later in the evening.

Booking a plumber during the week can be next to impossible. So we crunched some numbers and did some thinking… And, to the delight of many of our customers, Weekend Plumber–Weekday Rates was born!

What made the unthinkable possible.

Our research shows that most plumbing companies simply ask the wrong question when trying to motivate their guys to do some weekend work.

“Who wants to work on the weekend?” [*Crickets chirp*]

So we started asking a much better question…

“Who wants to work on the weekend and get days off during the week?”

Hands went up. Bingo, a beauty of a question indeed!

You see, our guys still get days off so that they will show up on your front door happy, not grumpy. They’re happy to do a good plumbing job for you on the weekend!

A win-win-win for all: YOU win, we win, and our boys are happy.

Simply book us on the weekend, and we’ll get your plumbing issues fixed at a weekday rate.

P.S. Our clients are happy with our promise “We fix it right the first time.” We also guarantee our repairs for up to 12 months. That’s why we’ve been in business for over 35 years! We provide quality plumbing at a reasonable rate.

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Small Drips & Leaks Can Cost You Thousands

Don’t ignore those small drips and leaks – our research shows that small drips and leaks could waste more than 30 litres of water daily! That’s PER leaking tap or dripping toilet. Yes, it all adds up at the end of the day.

Litres Per Day
Litres Per Week
Litres Per Month
Litres Per Year!
30 litres per day = 900 litres per month! That’s 10950 litres (30×365) a year PER leaking or dripping tap/toilet/pipe!

Those small leaks are bad for your budget and bad for the environment. And they can be so annoying.

Book Weekend Plumber in 5 simple steps!

Step#1: We offer 6 booking time slots on Saturday and 6 on Sunday – all bookings will be made on a first-come, first-served basis!

table*Two or more consecutive bookings can be made if required and available.

Step#2: Simply look at our list of core jobs and choose what needs to be done (larger jobs may need two slots). Weekend Plumber can take care of the following plumbing issues for you: leaking taps; leaking hot water system; leaking/running toilets; appliance installation; simple blocked drains; faulty gas appliances. For more information see our Plumbing Services page.
Step#3: CALL US on (02) 966 44 990 or use our Book Weekend Plumber form to make a booking.
Step#4: Meet us at your home to do the work at the time agreed.
Step#5: Pay by cash, EFTPOS or credit card. Easy and convenient!

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We fix it right the first time.

  • We offer you weekend plumbing services at reasonable weekday rates!

  • We have been in the plumbing industry for over 35 years!

  • We guarantee our repairs for up to 12 months.

  • We are known as the plumbers other plumbers go to for advice!

  • We use only licensed and experienced plumbers.

  • We will leave your home or office as clean or cleaner than when we arrived!

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Weekend Plumber is an ideal solution for the following plumbing issues:

Leaking Taps

Hire Weekend Plumber To:

• Replace washer taps
• Replace mixer taps
• Replace garden taps
• Fit new shower taps

Leaking Hot Water System

Hire Weekend Plumber To:

• Fix hot water T&PR valve
• Fix hot water duo valve

Appliance Installation

Hire Weekend Plumber To:

• Fit dishwasher
• Fit new gas stove

Simple Blocked Drains

Hire Weekend Plumber To:

• Perform an annual backflow test
• Fix a blocked fixture drain
• Fix a blocked house drain
• Perform drainoscopy

Faulty Gas Appliances

Hire Weekend Plumber To:

• Fit gas bayonet
• Fit gas cooker
• Fit gas BBQ
• Investigate gas leak

Leaking/Running Toilets

Hire Weekend Plumber To:

• Fit new WC
• Repair WC cistern
• Fit new cistern
• Fit new toilet seat
If you are not sure where your job fits, please contact us by phone or email for clarification before making a booking. We are happy to assist!

If your job needs more time than it was booked for (due to unforeseen circumstances) we will schedule a return visit for you.

Sometimes a simple blocked kitchen sink issue can grow and lead to major excavations of your garden. While it is rare, it certainly can happen, but we will do what we can to get the job finished for you.

How to pay for our plumbing services

Our licensed plumbers always provide a written quote before commencement, that way you will know what to expect! All jobs are COD – simply pay on the day. We offer a portable EFTPOS facility for your convenience, and you will get an invoice via email.

And finally…

We will leave your home or office as clean or cleaner than when we arrived!

Now, that’s the Weekend Plumber promise.

Professional plumbing done on the weekend at reasonable weekday rates!

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