Replace tap washerReplace your tap washer

The easiest way to stop a dripping tap! If your taps are still in reasonable condition, but they are dripping then replacing the tap washer could extend their life and save you money. As we say, a leaking tap can waste about 10,950 litres of water every year.

That’s just ONE tap! So if you have a tap that you’d like to keep, then replacing the washers may be your best option.

Here’s how we can save your taps by replacing the essential moving parts:

check  Shut down water supply to house or home unit

check  Remove tap dress fittings and handles

check  Re-seat and replace washers in two taps of the same appliance

check  Replace o-rings and lubricate the moving tap parts

check  Reassemble tap

check  Reinstate water supply at shut off valve

check  Test at tap.

We have specialty tools and knowledge so we can replace your washers without causing damage. We can also replace your taps (extra cost) and you don’t even have to go tap hunting as we will do all that for you – we know you have better things to do!

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GST inclusive (SAVE $52)
  • Time required to perform task: 20 minutes

Inclusions: tap washers, o-rings, tap lubricant, fibre washers.
Exclusions: Supply and fitting spindle extensions – this applies when taps are recessed into a wall beyond standard depth. Repairs to ceramic disc taps. Removal of tap dress fittings that will not come off with reasonable force. Removal of existing taps that have been rendered or tiled into wall. Locating appropriate water shut-off. Repairs to inefficient water shut-off valve.