Replace shower tapsReplace your shower taps

Old, worn-out shower taps may be leaking inside the wall! It’s true. Because they sit on tiles in your shower, bath or laundry wall, seeing those drips and leaks is almost impossible until you see mould or flaking paint in the adjacent room, or start remodelling the house ripping old tiles.

Your shower, bath or laundry taps should operate smoothly. If you have to strain to turn the tap on/off, chances are it’s time to get them replaced.

Maybe you still have those old plastic ones with cracks in them and swapping them for chrome ones would increase the eye appeal in your laundry.

You will get two shiny shower taps with wall top assembly – fitted.

We will shut down the water supply to house or home unit to carry out the installation.

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GST inclusive (SAVE $165)
  • Time required to perform task: 40 minutes

Inclusions: Two quality easy clean taps. Like those shown.
Exclusions: Shower rose or shower heads or arms. Laundry or bath or sink spout (available upon request). Supply and fitting spindle extensions (applicable to taps recessed into wall beyond standard depth). Removal of existing taps that have been rendered or tiled into wall. Locating concealed water shut-off. Repairs to inefficient or broken water shut-off valve.