Replace Mini valveReplace your mini control valve

If you’re replacing taps – you also need to replace the control valves! Most control valves can give you years of smooth trouble-free operation. However, like anything else in life, they eventually need to be replaced.

If yours are leaking, dripping or have become difficult to operate then it’s time to get them replaced. If you’re thinking of replacing your taps then the control valves should be replaced as well. Mini control valves manage water flow to the kitchen sink or basin mixer taps and WC cisterns as per Australian Standard (AS 3500).

To replace the valves we will do the following:

check  Locate appropriate water shut-off

check  Disconnect the mini cock from the valve it controls

check  Remove existing mini control valve/s

check  Re-connect to supported valve or appliance

check  Reinstate water at main shut off valve

check  Check and test installation.Supply and fit new mini control valve

We pay attention to the details and your mini valves are no exception!

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GST inclusive (SAVE $165)
  • Time required to perform task: 30 minutes

Inclusions: One mini control valve.
Exclusions: Removal of existing taps that have been rendered or tiled into wall. Locating appropriate water shut-off. Locating concealed water shut-off valve. Repairs to inefficient water shut-off valve. New flexible connections between mini control valve and supported appliance.