Replace Hot Water T & PR valveReplace your hot water T & PR valve

Do you see water leaks around your pressure relief valve? Temperature and pressure relief valves should be tested at least every 6 months. The valve is important as it protects your water heater from extreme pressure that could cause serious damage. The pressure valve allows the water to escape when it gets a bit too hot under the heater’s collar, so to speak.

A small leak of water during heating is usually normal, but if you’re concerned, give us a call. What you need to look out for is continuous dribble from the discharge pipe, and when this happens, letting some water out by raising the lever may fix the problem – you see sometimes dirt gets lodged inside and by discharging some water you may be able to fix it. If that won’t work then give us a call.

If you see a steady or heavy discharge of water from the valve then we probably need to replace the pressure valve.

Our professional plumbers will do the following:

check  Replace hot water temperature and pressure relief (T&PR) valve on your hot water gas or electric storage heater

check  Shut down cold water duo valve at inlet to heater

check  Drain heater as necessary

check  Remove existing T&PR valve (HT55) at water heater

check  Supply and fit new T&PR valve (HT55) to suit

check  Reconnect water discharge line between T&PR valve (HT55) to drain safely

check  Reinstate cold water duo valve at inlet to heater

check  Check and test function and operation of new T&PR valve (HT55).

check  Demonstrate safe operation to you.

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GST inclusive (SAVE $75)
  • Time required to perform task: 30 minutes

Inclusions: Supply 15mm temperature and pressure relief (T&PR) valve (up to HT55 1400 kpa model). Brass fittings between new valve and discharge pipeline.
Exclusions: Drain and disconnect water heater in kitchen cupboard or similar to allow the existing T&PR valve (HT55) to be removed, and then reinstated. Re-running discharge line if current discharge line does not comply with AS 3500. Repairs to any leaks or faults found on the existing water supply line or defective control valves