Replace hot water duo valveReplace your hot water duo valve

Is your duo valve leaking? A duo valve or non-return valve controls cold water flowing into a storage water heater and prevents hot water from flowing out of the heater into the cold water supply. A worn out duo valve will often leak from the tap spindle. When this happens, you know that your duo valve is due a replacement.

Having the duo valve in top condition is important for at least two reasons. One, it prevents water loss through leaking. Two, a properly working duo valve prevents hot water from escaping into your cold water pipes.

So if your duo valve is damaged or leaking – give us a call!

Our service includes the following:

check  Replace hot water heater duo valve

check  Shut down cold water supply to property at water meter

check  Disconnect water supply line between existing duo valve and water heater

check  Remove existing water duo valve at water heater

check  Supply and fit new duo valve to suit

check  Reconnect water supply line between new duo valve and water heater

check  Reinstate water supply at meter

check  Reinstate water supply to water heater

check  Check and test function and operation of new duo valve

check  Demonstrate your new duo valve.

Our qualified and registered plumbers will carry out all works to Australian Standard 3500. Having our professional plumbers install your new valve gives you peace of mind because if anything goes wrong during the installation, we will be there to fix it or give you professional advice on what to do next.

Duo valves are not suitable for most continuous flow hot water heaters – a non-return ball valve is used instead.

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GST inclusive (SAVE $75)
  • Time required to perform task: 30 minutes

Inclusions: Shut down water at main supply. Duo valve up to 15 mm. Water pipe between new duo valve and water heater.
Exclusions: Drain and disconnect water heater in kitchen cupboard or similar to allow the existing duo valve to be removed, and then reinstated. Repairs to defective main supply valve or any leaks or faults found on the existing water supply line.