Replace garden tapReplace your garden tap

Leaking taps may cost you hundreds of dollars! It’s easy to overlook a dripping garden tap since it may have a hose attached and you probably cannot hear it at night. A single dripping tap can waste as much as 30 litres of water per day and 10,950 litres PER year! Yes, this is serious business.

It’s also not good for the environment knowing that so much water goes to waste. So if your garden tap is leaking or if it requires two strong hands to operate it, then it has probably had it and it’s time to replace it.

You don’t have to look for one or worry yourself how to install it since we will take care of the hassle for you. Here’s what’s included in the service. We’ll:

check  Shutdown water supply to property or home unit

check  Remove existing garden hose tap

check  Supply and fit new model to suit

check  Reinstate water supply to property at main shut off valve

check  Check and test installation.

Easy, and you’ll be doing the right thing by the environment!

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GST inclusive (SAVE $65)
  • Time required to perform task: 20 minutes

Inclusions: 1 garden hose tap.
Exclusions: Locating appropriate water shut-off (this is usually not a problem for a single house, but may become an issue if you’re in a unit with several other neighbours). Repairs to inefficient or broken water shut-off valve. Disconnection and reconnection of control panel for irrigation systems.