Drain survey or DrainoscopyDo you have blocked drains?

We will need to peer inside your pipes to see what might be causing the obstruction. For that, we use our Drainoscopy technology, where one of our experienced plumbers will launch a tiny camera deep inside your sewage or plumbing pipes to see what’s going on inside your pipes. We say this revolutionary technology is better than a doctor’s health check-up because it reveals the health of your plumbing from the inside.

If collapsed pipes or other plumbing damage cause the blocked drain or sink, then our Drainoscopy procedure will help point out the issue.

Included in the Drainoscopy procedure:

check  Set up drain camera at a suitable access point to sewer or stormwater drain

check  Carry out survey of pipeline as necessary

check  Make observations and recommendations

Note pocheckints of significance

check  Upload recorded footage to our YouTube channel

check  Forward electronic link to client for easy access

As you can see, there is absolutely no guesswork here – you will get an uncensored short video recording of the internal health of your plumbing. If you have broken or collapsed pipes in there somewhere, the Drainoscopy will help us spot the exact location of the problem. We only ask you to provide suitable 240V electricity supply and we can get started. Using our Drainoscopy technology, you will know exactly what needs replacing, fixing and the costs involved. The process is easy and fully transparent!

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GST inclusive (SAVE $195)
  • Time required to perform task: 60 min onsite. 30min administration.

Inclusions: Drain camera hire. Record footage. Upload to YouTube channel. Send electronic link to client. Clean up of site. This can get a little messy and we will clean up after ourselves so you won’t have to!
Exclusions: Finding suitable access to pipeline. Location of camera position in underground pipe work. Purchase of Sydney Water Sewer service diagram (SSD). If your drain is blocked and overflowing, it is NOT possible to survey your pipeline until the blockage is cleared first. Should any excavations be necessary, we will schedule to return to your property during the upcoming week. Electric eel or high-pressure water drain cleaning.