Fit refrigerator with water filterfit-refrigerator-with-water-filter

Install plastic tubing supplied with a fridge from approved control valve through cupboards to inlet connection filter at rear of water fridge on wheels. Test connections.

If your refrigerator came with a water filter, then you should enjoy cool, cleaner and tastier water on demand. You beauty! Apparently, drinking cold water may improve your metabolism and help with the burning of calories. Many different companies produce refrigerators with water purification systems, and we have installed some big brands and smaller brands including Samsung, Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, LG, Beko, Hisense, and Electrolux to name a few.

Here’s what’s included in this service:

checkFit new customer supplied water fridge

checkConnect supplied tubing to an approved control valve at water source, usually under the kitchen sink. We find this option works best for most customers as it gives you a clean ‘no tubing’ look

checkDraw tubing through or under joinery to reach space behind fridge. Here we will extend the water source via the tubing to the fridge

checkEnsure water filter is connected to this line

checkConnect to fridge

checkOpen water supply valve

checkBleed water through to fridge and ice-maker (if relevant)

checkCheck for leaks

Since the installation involves water, you need the services of our qualified and registered plumbers. That’s where we can help!

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GST inclusive (SAVE $165)
  • Time required to perform task: 90 minutes

Exclusions: Supply and fit appropriate water control valves and pressure limiting valves. Additional tubing and fittings other than those supplied. In most cases, fridge companies give you what is needed for a successful installation. If additional parts are needed, then we may supply those at an extra charge. Unpacking the fridge from carton or emptying it of items for moving. Moving old machine in, out or around the house.