Clear a blocked drain indoorsClear a blocked drain indoors

If you have a blocked drain in your house or home unit and simple manual methods won’t work, then the hand-held electric eel may be your best option.

The electric eel removes obstructions like hair, dental floss or cotton buds that simple methods won’t, and it’s also the “middle-range solution” we recommend before recommending more expensive options, which may be required.

A blocked drain is a little more serious than a blocked sink as the obstruction may be lodged deeper inside your pipes.

The mini electric eel is ideal for clearing blockages between floor waste and plumbing fixtures like hand basins, bath or shower waste or between fixture and sanitary stack waste pipes. Flush or test with water from the tap or nearest plumbing fixture.

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GST inclusive (SAVE $75)
  • Time required to perform task: 30 minutes

Inclusions: Clear blocked internal drain through fixture outlet.
Exclusions: Location of buried or concealed or inaccessible drains. Clean up of any sewer spill. Sydney Water Sewer service diagram (SSD), which shows a graphic of your underground plumbing pipes – it is usually not necessary unless more serious works are required. Should any excavations or access to the inaccessible be necessary, we will schedule to return to your property during the upcoming week.