clear-blocked-basin-sinkClear blocked basin or sink

Do you have a blocked drain or sink? Don’t panic! Our professional plumbers have unblocked thousands of drains and sinks in Sydney. Usually, a build-up of soap scum or hair or toilet paper stuck in the plumbing might be causing the blockage. In this case, our manual methods usually work.

We will attempt to clear blocked internal basin sinks or laundry tubs with hand-operated drain cleaning equipment. We have many tools of the trade to clear the obstruction without causing damage to piping.

If structural defects or a collapsed sewer pipe is causing the blockage, then you might need to consider other options. If this is the case, we will quote you a price and you will have the option to choose to proceed or decline. If this is the case, then you might need us to perform a Drainoscopy.

A blocked drain or sink can be annoying, as water won’t drain properly or as quickly as you’d like it to and it usually makes the house smell horrid. We are qualified and experienced to handle any plumbing emergency you might face.

To save you money, we also recommend starting with the simplest of solutions, which work in most cases!

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GST inclusive (SAVE $75)
  • Time required to perform task: 30 minutes

Inclusions: Clear blocked internal drain with hand-operated plumbing equipment.
Exclusions: Locating buried or concealed or inaccessible drains. Clean up of any sewer spill. Sewer service diagram (SSD; it shows the location of your property’s sewer lines) – necessary only when more serious work needs to be carried out – you may request it from Sydney Water. Should any excavations be necessary, we will schedule a return to your property. Electric eel or high-pressure water drain cleaning is available at an extra cost. Once again, we’ll try simple methods before recommending more advanced options.