One of my favourite sayings is, “don’t see your car mechanic for a haircut!” It’s something that you wouldn’t do because you don’t want to look like an idiot.

Surprisingly, home ‘handy men’ forget the simple analogy especially when their plumbing needs fixing. I wish I knew why people often wait until the last minute before calling a plumber. Or why they start tinkering with their house plumbing just because they happen to have a toolbox and some tools. But time and time again, experience has proven this is never a good idea.

People undervalue their plumbing. They buy flash cars, new appliances and flat screen TVs… And as for their plumbing? You can’t see the pipes so why bother, right? The truth is that without running water, clear drains and functional toilets your life would be very miserable.

So think twice before fixing your plumbing, unless you’re licensed plumber. What’s funny is that, from time to time, we get licensed plumbers calling us for advice when they get themselves into a corner! So, sometimes even having a license doesn’t guarantee that you know everything about getting the job done.

But, doing your plumbing repairs without a license? Madness.

Think about this: the thing about water is that if there’s a way out, it will find it.

A tiny leak can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damages if it’s not fixed in time.

The worse thing, you usually won’t know about it until it’s too late.

We see it all the time:

  • Flooded bathrooms
  • Flooded kitchens
  • Flooded hallways
  • Damaged walls and plaster
  • Rotten floorboards

Repairing water damage in your home can be costly! And it often starts with a DIY approach that starts off bad and turns into a disaster!

Think about that before going down the DIY path – sometimes those household projects waste more money than they save.

I think Reece says it best: “Don’t risk it, use a licensed plumber™.”

Hmm… food for thought.