how-to-find-plumberIn my last post I ranted on how you can find a good plumber. Today, I want to continue with the topic and give you the rest of the story.

Reasonable rates. It makes sense to shop around. Never begin a project unless you get a written quote from at least three licensed plumbers. In my experience, there are guys who undercharge, and there are those who overcharge – the middle ones should be closest to the truth. You’re looking for a reasonable fee, not a bargain that sounds too good to be true.

A good plumber thinks smart. Prevention is always better (and less costly!) than the cure. It can also be less inconvenient since you can deal with it before it escalates into a big plumbing emergency. So don’t ignore those leaking taps and dripping toilets! The problem won’t go away. The sooner you get a maintenance plumber to deal with it the less it will end up costing you. A good plumber will not only fix your pain, he will also recommend you a reasonable maintenance program to prevent unnecessary emergencies from happening again.

Hands on experience. There are many freshmen out of plumbing school in the industry; they parade with impressive knowledge, but lack ‘hands on’ experience. Why is experience important? Well, try paying for the lack of it. While ‘experience’ may cost a little more, it always costs you less in the long run. An experienced plumber should be able to complete your project sooner and at minimum inconvenience to your family – that’s priceless!

Use plumbers with a heart. A good plumber will always do what he can to protect your property. It’s something that we follow as a matter of principle. Our boys won’t throw their tools on your porcelain tiles or disrespect your sinks, tubs, toilets or appliances. You paid big dollars for those, so they’re precious to us, too. That’s why we cover our surrounds with rags to prevent accidental breaks or chips. We’re helping you care for your fixtures, so why would we trash them? Our job is to fix what needs fixing without damaging the rest. Make sure the next plumber that you hire has a similar mindset.

Always do your homework before you choose your next plumber. And when you find one–HOLD on to him with both hands! Good plumbers are rare.