Replace Gas BayonetReplace faulty wall or floor-mounted gas bayonet connection.

Can you smell a gas leak in the house? Are you worried about your bayonet fitting on your gas heater? As your experienced plumbers, we are qualified to perform gas fittings. A gas leak is a safety hazard and we recommend you get it fixed right away. Replacing a wall- or floor-mounted gas bayonet connection often fixes the problem as gas tends to leak around connecting valves and gas bayonet fittings.

Before performing any works, we will first determine whether the existing gas bayonet is, in fact, faulty or leaking. If the test is positive, we will proceed as follows:

check  Carry out electronic gas test at bayonet

check  Shut down gas supply to property at gas meter

check  Remove existing gas bayonet from floor or wall

check  Supply and fit new chrome-plated gas bayonet

check  Reinstate gas to property at meter

check  Carry out electronic gas test at new bayonet

check  Plug in client’s gas room heater and check appliance ignition

We know many people get anxious when it comes to using gas in the house and we will take the time so you feel comfortable with your new bayonet fitting.

We will even prepare a proper gas certification for the works we carry out.

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GST inclusive (SAVE $117)
  • Time required to perform task: 30 mins onsite, 30 mins administration

Inclusions: Supply and fit a new chrome gas wall or floor bayonet connection. Check, test and certify gas installation and forward certification to gas authority. Electronic gas test – our electronic gas detector is capable of sensing gas vapours that most noses would not detect. We use this test to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your new fittings. Connect client’s existing gas-heating appliance to the new connection. Demonstrate ease of connection. Demonstrate how to maintain the bayonet. Complete and administer gas certification to gas authority, and forward a copy to the client.
Exclusions: Repairs to any leaks or faults found on the existing gas line including unsecured or inappropriate fixings. Repairs to any plug in gas appliance.